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Ex Pharm - Software

Virtual Pharmacology - Animal Simulator - Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) - Software 



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What is Ex Pharm (Experimental Pharmacology) - Series 

This is the computer assisted learning (CAL) software, containing various programs which simulate animal experiments in pharmacology. The modules in the software can be used to demonstrate effect of drugs on different animals systems. The software is being used and trusted by pharmacologists from many years. The package is user friendly, highly interactive and full of animated sequences which make simulation appear realistic. The current version of Ex-Pharm (Experimental Pharmacology) - Series Software consists of following computer simulated experiments:

Experiments List

01. Experiment on effects of various drugs (Mydriatic, Miotic and Local Anaesthetic) on rabbit's eye.


     - Epinephrine

     - Atropine


     - Ephedrine


     - Physostigmine


     - Lignocaine


02. Study of Analgesic activity with the help of "Tail Flick Apparatus" (Analgesiometer).


03. Study of Analgesic activity with the help of "Hot Plate Apparatus" (Analgesiometer).


04. To study analgesic activity by writhing test.


05. Study of Antihistaminic drugs/Anti allergic drugs by mast cell stabilization method with help of "Histamine Chamber”


06. Study of Muscle Relaxant activity with the help of "Rota-Rod Apparatus".


07  Study of CNS Depressants & Stimulants Using "Actophotometer".


08. Study of Drugs acting on CNS (Including Anxiolytic Activity) using following modules


      - Elevated Plus Maze Method


      - Pole Climbing Method


09. Study of anticonvulsant activity using "Electro Convulsiometer".


10. To study PTZ induced convulsions in mice


11. Study of effect of hepatic microsomal enzyme inducers on the phenobarbitone sleeping time in mice.

12. To study the action of strychnine/ anaesthetic on frog neurons (excitability).

13. Simulation of pupil control


      - Simulation of the effects of the physiological stimuli and drugs on the papillary reflexes.


      - Simulation of the control in patient with partial parasympathectomy.


14. Test for pyrogens using rabbits.


15. Effect of drugs on isolated guinea pig ileum (in-vitro).


16. To study respiratory depression effect on rabbit.


17. Study of stereotype and anti-catatonic activity of drugs on mice.


18. Experiments on thyroid and antithyroid drugs


      - The effect of thyroxin, TSH, propylthiouracil, on metabolism.


19. Experiments on blood sugar


      -  The effect of insulin (hypoglycemic activity) and alloxan on blood glucose.


20. Study of anti-inflammatory activity using carrageenan induced paw oedema method


21. Study of diuretic activity using metabolic cage


22. Experiment on Effect of various drugs on Isolated Frog's Heart. (DRC- Dose Response Curve)


     - Epinephrine


     - Norepinephrine


     - Isoprenaline


     - Calcium chloride


     - Propranolol


     - Acetylcholine


     - Potassium chloride


     - Atropine sulphate


23. Experiments on effect of different drugs on dog BP & heart rate.


      1. Virtual Practice- Effects of drugs on the dog BP and Heart Rate.

      2. Effects of Vasopressor and Vasodepressor with appropriate blockers.

      a. Virtual Practice- Reversal action of adrenaline on blood pressure and heart rate.

      b. Virtual Practice- Reversal action of acetylcholine on blood pressure and heart rate.

24. Experiments on Lagendorff’s Apparatus


      - Effect of coronary vasodilators on isolated heart


      - Effect of parasympathomimetics

25. Experiment on Bioassay of Histamine on the Ileum of Guinea Pig.


26. Bioassay of Acetylcholine on the isolated rectus abdominis muscle of frog


        (a) By Matching Method,  (b) By Interpolation Method,   (c) By 3 Point Method,   (d) By 4 Point Method.


27. Bioassay of oxytocin on the isolated rat uterine horn by following methods


        (a) By Matching Method,  (b) By Interpolation Method,   (c) By 3 Point Method,   (d) By 4 Point Method.


28. Bioassay of serotonin on the isolated rat fundus strip by following methods


        (a) By Matching Method,  (b) By Interpolation Method,   (c) By 3 Point Method,   (d) By 4 Point Method.


29. To record the DRC and to determine the PD2 value for acetylcholine on frog rectus abdominis muscle.


30. Study of anti-ulcer activity - using pylorus ligation method.


31. Evaluation of effect of acetylcholine (spasmogens) using rabbit jejunum


32. Evaluation of effect of different drugs on ciliary motility.


33. Evaluation of effect of saline purgatives on frog intestine.


34. Determination of acute irritation of a test substance.


      - Skin irritation (Including edema formation)


      - Eye irritation


* Additionally, Examination Mode is provided for the modules.

* In addition to above mentioned interactive experiments, modules are provided for different routes of drug administration, blood withdrawal techniques and methods of anaesthesia & euthanasia.

Which software is used for performing pharmacology experiments/practical ?

"Ex Pharm" - Series software is used mainly to perform pharmacology experiments/practical, by the help of this software students can perform pharmacology experiments through "Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)" and "Animal Simulation" without harming the animals.

What is animal simulation software for pharmacology / What is animal simulator software for pharmacology ?

Animal simulation software for pharmacology is the software which is used to perform pharmacology experiments by simulation techniques. The "Ex Pharm" - Series software is used for this purpose.

What is CAL in Pharmacology ?

CAL is Computer Assisted Learning in Pharmacology, in which pharmacology experiments are performed by using computer virtual software. The "Ex Pharm" - Series software is used for this purpose.

For whom is the software ?

"Ex Pharm" - Series Software is aimed for medical, pharmacy, ayurveda, veterinary, dental science and physiotherapy students. The software can also be used by the students of paramedical courses such as nursing, medical laboratory technology etc.

As per National Medical Commission

NMC has issued MSR for Medical Colleges through Gazette Notification, Dated 29 Oct 2020. The mentioned regulations has stated that pharmacology experiments should be done by computer assisted learning software (Please see page number 64 & 75).

NMC Regulationss

As per Medical Council of India

MCI has issued guidelines through Gazette Notification No. MCI-34(41)/2013-Med./64022; Dated 19 March 2014. The mentioned guidelines has stated that “For teaching Physiology and Pharmacology in UG curriculum, the required knowledge and skills should be imparted by using Computer Assisted modules”.

MCI Guidelines

As per Pharmacy Council of India

a. PCI has issued guidelines through Gazette Notification No.10-1/2012- PCI; Dated 25 August 2014. The mentioned guidelines has stated that “Wherever animal experimentations are prescribed in the curriculum, the required knowledge and skill should be imparted by using computer assisted modules”.

PCI Guidelines

b. PCI (Pharmacy council of India) has issued the latest notification, Dated : 25 Nov 2019, Ref. No: 10-1/2019-PCI (PT-  1)/6644-46 (Letter Attached) as per that " Wherever animal experiments are being conducted using simulations, the requirement of Animal House & registration with CPCSEA is not Required for such institutions"

PCI Guidelines

c  The Education Regulations, 2020 - Recommending Ex Pharm Software for Pharmacology Experiments - Please see page number 41

PCI Guidelines
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As Per Veterinary Council of India 

As per Veterinary Council of India (Minimum Standards of Veterinary Education)- Degree Course (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) Regulations,2016, all veterinary colleges should have simulation laboratory (as mentioned on page number 141, point number XXV)

VCI Regulations

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